• Save 5¢ per gallon on all fuel purchased. Discount given at statement time.
  • You pay only the low pump price; no fees, dues or added charges for credit card purchases.
  • Reduce slippage, such as premium fill-ups and unauthorized purchases.
  • Kwik Fill offers the highest grades of gasoline and diesel fuel available. These products are backed up by a Quality Assurance Program that runs from the company’s refinery all the way to your tank. Quality fuel in your vehicles will keep your vehicles running smooth, reducing down time and service expenses.
  • Cut hours of administrative time each week to focus on more critical issues.
  • Simple, fast transaction procedures. Your drivers can use the Pay-At-The-Pump or pay inside and simply sign the receipt. It’s a “Kwik” way to keep your drivers on the road!
  • Federal and State Fuel Tax can be exempted on government accounts.