• Comprehensive statements list all important data: Driver name and/or vehicle number, time, date, location, gallons and dollar amount of purchases. Optional breakdown of taxes paid also available. Easy-to-read, detailed reporting brings better control of managing expenses.
  • View all transactions online*
  • Accurate billing, easy to understand itemized statement issued monthly, consolidate all purchases.
  • Tools to help prevent misuse by setting rules for how much drivers buy, fuel only, how often and when or unrestricted.*
  • Online Authorization Controls help prevent unauthorized purchases.* Use the online Profile Manager to define profiles with these options:
    • Number of Transactions per Day
    • Dollars per Transaction
    • Dollars per Day
    • Day of Week
    • Time of Day
  • Create different sets of controls and save as unique profiles. Individual cards or groups of cards are easily assigned to profiles*.
* Fleet Fueling Plus only

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